Hi! I'm Meredith also known as Ms. Hudson. 
I'm an art educator in the public school system of NJ. 
[As you can see from the image above my passion for school began at an early age.] 
Refrigeratorgood is where I mesh my love for teaching & sharing. 
My site highlights the adventures in my classroom while encouraging others to do the same.

I am happy to share everything I learn as tutorials/classroom resources. My site pulls from my own college experiences, colleague collaboration, and time in/out of the classroom as an artist.
*If you use my site as a reference or resource please give credit where credit is due :)

Refrigeratorgood welcomes new ideas and hopes to showcase student work from around the world.
Project Submissions information is located on the SUBMIT PAGE <--Check it out.


Alyssa, a former Graphic Design + Photo student in 2011/2012 can be best described as the daily "pep-talk" &  High school creative Genius. Her eagerness to continue learning sparked the launch of Refrigeratorgood.com in 2013. 
Check out Alyssa's Blog : Chasing-Tomorrow

Taylor, a senior art intern/former graphics student developed the name for the site. "Refrigeratorgood....ARTwork worthy of a magnet".

The professors, mentors, colleagues and & students who have inspired the birth of this site.

Now, go explore the talent of young artists and Share us with your fellow friends & educators!!

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