George Segal Inpsired Hand Casts // Typography + Sculpture Lesson

Medium: Adobe Photoshop, Plaster of Paris
Time: 1-2 days {designing typography} 3-4 day {creating hand casts}
Grade: 9-12 
Objective: Explore the work of Artist George Segal
Materials: Photoshop, Printer, Scissors, Newspaper, Plastic bowls, cups, saran wrap, Plaster of Paris strips,  & Modge Podge 

title Untitled 
 Part One: Design Seven Letter Typography Graphics
                 Seven Letter Designs Objective: 7 different letters, 7 different typefaces, 
                 *Letters cannot repeat or touch.

Step 1: [See above] Have students create one letter in each text box. Text box should be proportional to the letter itself for easy transformation later on.
Step 2: [See below] Students should experiment rotating the word using CRTL+T, free transform
Step 3: [See below] Create a new letter in a new text box [repeat step 1 & 2]
            Strategically place close to first letter.
            *Instruct students to keep the spacing between letter consistent 

Untitled Untitled

Tip: Frequently remind students as they work to use 7 different letter, 7 different typeface

Untitled Untitled

Phase two: Introduce the work of George Segal
Phase three: Create hand sculptures inspired by Segals techniques.

One: One gallon of Modge Podge is needed for approx 50 hand casts
Two: Gather older brushes for this project. Expensive paint brushes are not ideal

Paper mache process: Student worked in pairs..hand cast took approx {60 minutes} to complete and remove, including clean up.  Once the cast is semi-dry you may assist removing the cast. Prop the cast with plastic cups as it completes the drying process.

Tip: Have students Pre cut the strips for the finders and larger arm area.

Untitled Untitled

Tip: Warm water for strip dipping makes the experience much nicer in the winter months :)
Cover hairy arms with saran wrap {I learned the hard way!}


 Step Three: Once the cast is dry students may begin printing their 7 letter designs  multiple times on one sheet of paper. Encourage them to cut each design out and design the hand using the cut out strips. A variety of sizes and attention to positive and negative space on the sculpture itself is important.

* All artwork generated by the following students grade 9-12: [see below]
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