Artist Rendition // Digital Photography Lesson

Medium: Adobe Photoshop
Time: 2-3 weeks
Grade: 9-12 
Objective: Research the style, concept and photographers life. 
                  Create a rendition image based on your research. 
                  *{Image may be visual critique or criticism of their artwork.}
                  Design and present a 15 min research presentation using Prezi or Powerpoint.
Materials: Digital camera

Part One: I provide students with a research worksheet that outlines key points for research.


Tip: The research worksheet is more or less an outline for their presentations.
In addition to content I grade the power-points based on how well they are designed.
I emphasis the use of correct layouts, typography {as a visual element}, color and balance.  I try to convey design is almost as important as the research they are  proving in any presentation.


Part two: Students create a color contact of the images they photographed for the project.


Part three: For the last slide of the presentation students place their image alongside of the original.
I also have them post their work to their Blogger accounts for students to access at a later date. The blog post includes their process for the project in addition to the images. [See below]

[Student Artist Rendition Samples from 2007-2010]

Student Samples 1 Student Samples 2

      Teacher: Meredith Hudson
      Class: Digital Imaging
      Grade: 9-12
      State: NJ
      Teachers Artwork: [Website]

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