High School are lesson: 1 pt Perspective/Mixed Media Collage

Medium: Mixed Media Collage
Time: 1 week
Grade: 9-12  Art I: Foundations of Art class
Objective: Explore 1 point perspective and mixed media Collage.
Materials: white paper, tempera paint, scissors, paint brush, ruler, rubber cement, magazines, hot glue, glue gun

This lesson introduces student to one point perspective while exploring the use of various mediums & techniques {Drawing, Painting, Collage and Relief}

Inspired by a discovery in my high school library....software boxes piled high in the corner waiting to be discarded. The Rectangular boxes transformed in the finished works of art: 90% of this  project uses recycled materials! 

See STEPS below.

1. Create one point drawing using Geometric shapes.
2. Cut out drawing and transfer to Cardboard box *I have students cut out the design to check for a balanced composition. They then re-draw the 1pt drawing using the first technique
3. Discuss Color Schemes, Warm and Cool colors. Have students paint the "tails" of their drawings using a Color Scheme they have pre-developed.


Step 5: Once the boxes are painted student may cut out perspective drawing and create cardboard squares to support the relief {see below} Cardboard squares are painted and the box is designed with magazine collage techniques. Rubber cement is used to attach magazine. Hot glue is used to assemble perspective cut out to the collaged box. Untitled Enjoy some samples from this years Foundations of Art class! Untitled

      Teacher: Meredith Hudson
      Class: High School Foundations of Art
      Grade: 9-12
      State: NJ
      Teachers Artwork: [Website]


  1. I'm going to try this with my middle school students, using oil pastels. Looks awesome, I hope we can pull it off. Thanks for sharing this fab project!

  2. Wow- so cool and graphic- such a creative way to teach/use one-point perspective! Good find on the boxes :)

  3. Super cool lesson that combines so many elements for new art students.
    Thanks for being so creative.

  4. Thanks so much! I am going to use it this week... I think it will have a high success rate and that is something I strive for because I teach in a continuation high school :)

  5. Such a great alternative to the standard perspective lesson and so doable with my Art I level high school students. Very creative - thanks for sharing!

  6. Where do the cardboard boxes come from? I am thinking of just recycling flat cardboard from shipping crates... Any suggestions? This is for a 3d class so I love the illusion of 3d

  7. I discovered the cardboard boxes in the library... the district was disposing of them in the beginning of the school year.

  8. Good post. I absolutely love this site. Stick with it!

    Look into my blog postcardboard boxes,moving boxes

  9. I love this! I'm trying it in my class room next week!


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