Teaching 2 point perspective in High school: [Foundations of Art class]

Medium: Watercolor
Time: 1 weeks
Grade: 9-12  Art I: Foundations of Art class
Objective: Understand and Explore 2 pt perspective. Design a city block using water color.
Materials: Paper, Ruler, Pencil, Watercolor colored pencils, tempera paint, cups, water, and brushes

This lesson introduces student to two point perspective while exploring the use of various mediums & techniques {Drawing, Painting, Watercolor and tempera}

See STEPS below.

1. Create 2 point drawing using ruler and vanishing points.
2. Paint drawing using watercolor or watercolor pencils
3. Encourage students to be creative with the windows, siding and signs.
4. Watercolor paintings are "cleaned up" using black tempera

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