High School Art lesson: Figure Drawing // Art I

Medium: Colored pencils
Time: 1 week
Grade: 9-12  Art I: Foundations of Art class
Objective: Explore portraiture, figure drawing profile
Materials: Tracing paper, pencil, eraser, colored pencil, sharpie

This lesson is inspired by an abstract lesson featuring the artist Peter Max: CLICK HERE. Lesson modifications included a hand drawing and portrait component.

Before beginning this lesson I dedicate a class period to gestural/figure drawings, 3 min poses, followed by 10 min sittings. Students in the class model for one another. The exercise allows me to critique proportions while the students to get used to the idea of drawing one another.

Step 1: Students sketch their hands and a portrait/figure of someone in class.
Step 2: Drawings are transfered to tracing paper and arranged on a larger sheet of paper
Step 3: Pattern/designs are added to each figurative drawing.

      Teacher: Meredith Hudson
      Class: High School Fine Art
      Grade: 9-12
      State: NJ
      Teachers Artwork: [Website]

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