High School Painting // Art II

Medium: Acrylic painting
Time: 1-2 weeks
Grade: 9-12  Art II: Intermediate Art class
Objective: Explore impressionism, painting and color
Materials: Canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, water, paper towel.

Before beginning this lesson I teach a color theory unit, and allow students to experiment painting from life on Cardboard Canvases {SEE LESSON HERE}. The cardboard mini-lesson allows me to critique as they practice mixing colors on their palette and canvas. I also dedicate a great deal of time exploring the work of impressionist artist, while encouraging students to incorporate the impressionist style of painting "someone where" on their canvas..

Step 1: Practice painting on mini-cardboard canvases
Step 2: Sketch subject for painting [photo reference permitted]
Step 3: Develop composition, color scheme... begin painting.

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