Student Gallery Display // Advanced Photography Fall 2013

Over the course of 4 weeks, students enrolled in the Advanced Photography course are required to develop a Breadth and Concentration Portfolio. During this portfolio process, students are provided with a list and are required to venture to new places and take photos with a theme in mind. Images are edited, students begin to self-reflect, and reshoot if need be.
From photoshop process to printing students begin to understand many aspects of the artist process as high school students.

1st display this year: a few samples from the Advanced High school exhibit. :)

Tierney Riccio, Grade 12
 Graffiti & Transportation

Haley Kaczka, Grade 12
The Outdoors

Ashley Maselli, Grade 12

Melanie Santos, Grade 12

Raychel Frye, Grade 11
Home away from home

Tylin Tissenker, Grade 12
Drenched Flesh

Gabriella Battaglio, Grade 12
The street

Haley Abruzzese, Grade 12
Signs, Wood and other things

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