Digital Photography Lesson // Abstract Light Designs

Medium: Adobe Photoshop
Time: 1-2 days {One day dedicated to class demo and practice shooting} 
Grade: 9-12 
Objective: Develop a basic understanding of Shutter Priority Mode to light paint
Create an abstract design using Multiple light painting images
Materials: Digital camera/Photoshop

The focus of this lesson is to master the use of slow shutter speeds to create light pairing images.  
Using a dark room, students use their the students use their iPhones as a light source and work in pairs to generate abstract light images in a dark room. The images are then edited in photoshop and combined onto one NEW photoshop file.  This unit usually peaks the interest of most students and is a great warm up to the stop motion lesson.


Below is the Step by Step guide for creating on composite abstract design in Photoshop:
Post tutorial, I print out a copy of these directions for students to use while working at their own pace.

1. Edit your shutter images using: Brightness/Contrast and Hue and saturation.

 -->save edits as .JPGS or merge the adjustments

2. Make a new Photoshop Document:
           FILE NEW> 8.5 by 11, 300 resolution. BACKGROUND COLOR BLACK

3. Paint bucket the background of the new document black.

4. Select a soft edge brush and lower the opacity to less than 75%

5. Open edited shutter image. {Make sure it is .jpg} {Make sure they are merged command+E}

6. Click on Quick mask option in tool box

7. With your brush {soft edge-75% opacity} paint on your shutter image

6. Click BACK ON Quick mask option in tool box

7. Your selection should appear {marching ants}


9. Go to move tool, mouse over selection, click on it. Drag it and drop it to new black document.

10. To change the size of the shutter image on the new document: HIT command+T

11. Repeat steps 4-9.

      Teacher: Meredith Hudson
      Class: Digital Photo I
      Grade: 9-12
      State: NJ
      Teachers Blog: [Website]

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