Coming soon... RG Video series!

The beauty of teaching is that with each year new exciting expectations come about. In my experience, most school districts roll out district initiatives every couple of years. In my district we adopted the use of Google Classroom/Drive! 

After attending two google workshops this spring and basking in sensory tech overload I will simplify one of my new favorite classroom applications called Screencastify. The app allows you to record your desktop and embed the video on google drive or other video sharing application. The perk of the app is that it is compatible with google drive..which means easy saving, linking and posting to google classroom!

Excuse the audio.. (still working out the kinks) Stay tuned for a new video series that aims to help photography one teachers with the basics of photoshop.

Lesson: Basic Color edit
1. Go to layers palette--> Duplicate layer
2. Go to --> "Black and white cookie" -Adjust LEVELS
3. Go to --> "Black and white cookie"Adjust COLOR BALANCE
4. Go to --> "Black and white cookie"Adjust Brightness and Contrast
   *You can modify adjustment layer by painting on it with a black brush.
5. Dodge and Burn {only if needed}

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