Architectural Landscapes: // Graphic Design Lesson

Medium: Adobe Photoshop
Time: 1-2 Weeks
Grade: 9-12
Art Element: SHAPE
Objective: Design a house using the Pen tool to create interesting shapes
Materials: Adobe Photoshop

Steps: See below
Helpful Tips:  Encourage students to pay attention to detail. Creating groups for individuals sections of the design will make for easy navigation of the Layers palette: {Ex: place individual shape layers in a group and label them what they are..."window on the right"}

* All artwork generated by the following students grade 9-12: [See below]
 [Vicky C] [Justin C.] [Darshak S.] [Mickey B.] [Tess R.] [Taylor F.] [Bryan K]

 Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled 

      Teacher: Meredith Hudson
      Class: Graphic Design I
      Grade: 9-12
      State: NJ
      Teachers Artwork: [Website]

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