In the classroom this week: Mixed media collage // Drawing from life

Here's a taste of what is happening in art class this week....

The intermediate art students are working on Mixed Media Paintings. The focus: Value, pattern, composition, & unity. Each painting must include a still life object {value} a silhouette {rhythm} and a pattern {balance} that utilizes at least half of the canvas.
Look forward to share the results + color and full lesson!!

 Intermediate Art Photos: Phase 1 & 2: Canvas prep & Students Planning.

Foundations of art is moving into the Art element value & drawing from life. The lesson began with a shading demo with simple shapes. The second phase of the lesson encouraged student to select 5 object and implement the same techniques while drawing them to scale. The end result "Art kabobs" {I saw a sample on Pinterest that sparked this quirky approach to an intro value lesson}

Stay tuned for the full lesson specs...
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