REcycled art project : High school Special Ed & Elementary

Medium: Re-cycled Mixed media Mosaics
Time: 1weeks
Grade: 9-12  Special Education or Elementary
Objective: Create Sunflower inspired mosaics focusing on Warm and cool color palettes.
Materials: Scrap board, {matt, foam, wood, cardstock} Tempera Paint, Brushes, scissors, silver sharpie, elmers glue.

For most of us, Spring brings budget planning and an assessment of materials.  The motivation to creatively up-cycle while creating beautiful art is at the forefront.

With this on my mind-->Sunflower mosaics created in my Special education art class this week!

Step 1: Students Paint scrap panels with Tempera paint, focusing on warm colors for the petals, cool colors for the rest of the mosaic
Step 2: Students create smaller "tile" like pieces by cutting the painted strips into triangles and squares. *after the panels were painted I pre-cut the large squares into long strips so the students could control the cutting size of each tile.
Step 3: Students practice drawing sunflowers on paper and then transfer drawings to large black paper or foam core using a silver or white sharpie. Begin glueing the small painted "tiles" onto the flower drawing
Option 4:* If you want to create a one day project. Have students paint the panels focusing on color mixing and warm and cool. ENJOY the panels as is or have them draw on flowers using a black sharpie!

Mosaics // Special Education // Elementary ArtMosaics // Special Education // Elementary Art

Happy First day of spring!!

-Ms. Hudson

      Teacher: Meredith Hudson
      Class: High School Special Education Fine Art
      Grade: 9-12
      State: NJ
      Teachers Artwork: [Website]
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