High School Art Lesson: Zentangle Designs: Line

Medium: Pen & ink
Time: 1-2 weeks
Grade: 9-12 , Art I and Art II
Objective: Explore the Art Element: LINE, Create original Zentangle Design with Structured patterns.
Materials: Paper, Pencil, Ruler, Black Sharpie

New Semester, New school, Nice kids and lots to share in the upcoming weeks...

So if you haven't noticed already I find teaching black/white, positive Negative, and attention to detail extremely important at the start of any class. Whether it be Graphics {SEE HERE} or Fine art. {See below}

I kicked off the first lesson in a Foundations of Art & Intermediate classes with a focus on the Art Element Line.  Students explored the use of line to create structured patterns that were [Positive, Negative, Organic and Geometric] After a lecture on the use of Line in various art works, both 2-d & 3-d, students were given a short drawing exercise creating 4 zentangle squares that explored the [PNOG] patterns.

For both the Foundations and Intermediate Art class the project was divided into two phases. 
Phase 1: Zentangle drawing exercise & planning
Phase 2: Final Design Creation


In Phase 2: I had students begin with creating an abstract organic/geometric shape {step 1}
They began to create large detail, followed by refined detail and more zentangle exploration {Step 2}.
Once the design layout compositions were strong enough,
students recreated their sketch on 12 by 12 inch white paper [1.5 inch border] {Step 3}
..and last but not least their photo-op {I was informed this morning that their photos should be posted ASAP :) } {here you go guys}

zenflick2 zenflick3 zenflick4 zenflick5 zenflick6 zen-13flick zenflick7

For an upper level Modification, I required the Art II: Intermediate students to sketch a 3 part panel. The panel had to include an animal and setting. The panels had to alternate positive/negative and include complex structured patterns. {More photos will be posted soon}


      Teacher: Meredith Hudson
      Class: Foundations and Intermediate Art
      Grade: 9-12
      State: NJ
      Teachers Artwork: [Website]

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